The Project CIVITAS MIMOSA congregates a set of 13 measures aiming at new initiatives and concepts of urban mobility, being performed by the consortium that represents the cities of Funchal, Boulogne, Gdansk, Tallinn and Utrecht, to a total of 19 partners. From those measures, two of them influenced the inMadeira initiativa, “Measure 8.1: Mobility Services – SMS” and “Measure 8.2: Location-enabled Mobile Search and Guidance”.

Civitas-Mimosa measures influence

As a firts result the xDMS platforma was upgraded and new concepts were introduced, namely the geo-location of attractions (the now called “points of interest”) and the sequencial set of related attractions (the “itineraries”). The ability for tourists and citizens to register and add their own attractions and itineraries was also added.

Together with the improvements to existing components, two new web sites were implemented to share and create itineraries in the Funchal city. Both implemented with Joomla!, one is targeted to desktop pcs or tablets and the other for smartphone browsers.

A smartphone App, able to store information locally and work offline, was deployd for Android and iPhone running environments. This application was implemented with PhoneGap using the FeedHenry on-line IDE.

Civitas-Mimosa first results

Motivated by the Civitas-Mimmosa 8.1 measure, the xDMS attractions corresponding to events can now be notified to all interested through email or SMS. In the scope of this project, a notification service was implemented that can gathered or receive information about relevant events in Madeira and automatically propagate them to everyone that have subscribed.

Civitas-Mimosa notification service


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